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- - - - Princess Anna Comnena (1083–1153) - Byzantine historian

Sunday, May 22, 2022

Byzantine Armor, Part 2

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Armour Byzantine #2. X-XII A.D.
€ 268

Byzantium / Balkans / Rus
X-XII century

Specific kind of lamellar reconstructed by Timothy Dawson basing on medieval miniatures.
Possible options: different colours of leather, shoulder cops, spaulders and tassets, leather scallops.
Scales may be riveted to the base.
Source: http://truehistoryshop.com/shop/armour-byzantine-2

Byzantine armor - Byzantine - 10-12 century


Armor description

Byzantine armor from depictions. The set includes the torso part, as well as shoulders and arms protections.

All our body armors are made to measurements.

Please measure your total height, and your bust circumference, including your gambeson / tunic, if you wish to wear one under your metal armor. Then select the corresponding size range.
Once we have received your order, we will tell you by e-mail what additional measurements are needed.

Mild steel, or Hardened steel?

You can select the desired material & thickness (mild steel - ST3 1mm or hardened steel - 65G 0,8mm)


Armor and helmet (13th - 15th centuries) at the Byzantine and Christian Museum of Athens